"Steel Window Replacement in Birmingham"
"Steel Window Repair in Birmingham"
"Steel Window Restoration in Birmingham"

Steel windows are common in industrial buildings. While they have never been popular for residential use, they do appear in pre-war modernist homes, and basement windows set in wells. The advantage to steel is that it’s very strong. As a result, glass area can be maximized since window parts can be made extremely thin.

Multiglaze are able to provide you with a quotation on either replacing Steel Windows or restoring old Steel windows into their natural state. There are many benefits to installing steel windows in your home. Here we have listed some of the best qualities of steel replacement windows :-

  • High strength results in safer windows
  • Steel windows are fire resistant & have consistent material quality
  • Steel is unaffected by termites or chemical pesticides
  • Unsusceptible to any type of fungi, mold or any organism
  • Does not expand or contract with moisture or temperature changes
  • Steel windows are environmentally friendly
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